Buyin: 40€ / 2K
1 Rebuy: 20€ / 2K
1 Addon: 20€ / 3K
1 Blind bet

Tournament Mechanics:

  • The rounds will last 14 passes.
  • 1 single Rebuy of 2,000 points (1 purchase can be made up to hand 7 included, having 2,000 points or less).
  • 1 Add-on may be made on pass 12 of 3,000 points (this can be used as Rebuy if the player runs out of chips before finishing pass 7), 2,000 will be given in game chips.
  • 1 Blind – Bet The bet will be “hidden”: (it can be done only on pass 14). The players will write on a “Blind – Bet” card the amount they want to bet, between 100 and 3,000 points. The “Fold or separate” card options are not allowed in this pass so as not to reveal the blind bet.
  • At the end of the round the three players of each table with the highest amount of chips and the best fourth position between both tables are classified.
  • If there is a tie of two or more players to qualify, an additional hand will be played between the tied participants, using the same Sabot.
  • The 7 qualified players will play the final round (also of 14 passes).
  • The finalists will play with the stack they have left of the first round.
  • € 40 jackpot will be accumulated in each tournament for quarterly league prizes.
  • Prizes of each tournament: 1st: 65% | 2nd: 35%

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