A 60-year-old woman won more than $3.8 million in the slot machines at the Hard Rock Casino in the famous guitar-shaped hotel in Hollywood and broke the record for this type of game in the state of Florida. The woman, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, about 30 miles north of Miami, said she hasn't decided how she will

This possition is one of the most important on a gaming table, as it ensures the smooth running of the hand, corrects player errors and supervises betting. These two terms are frequently used as synonyms since both are in charge of managing the game, passing the bets and guiding the players. The difference is the type of game

The Goddess Fortune or Goddess of Luck has its origin in Rome and represents chance, good or bad luck. According to the Roman mythology, this Goddess was present in all the events and distributed, according to whim, the goods or the evils. Even the Roman emperors coined medals representing her to accompany them at all times.

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