John Montagu, a nobleman  from England who inherited the title of “Fourth Earl of Sandwich” was a gaming lover. So much that in 1765 he didn´t want to leave the table to eat. Instead, he ordered his servants to bring him some meat between sliced bread so he could eat and play at the same time. And so,

Gambling in Spain dates back to Roman times. The huge amount of dice found in Roman ruins makes clear that Roman citizens were great gamblers. The romans even established legislation around gambling, they called it the Justinian code and it limited the games that could be bet on, forcing the gamblers to always settle their debts.

The word CASINO comes from “house”. The diminutive is of italian origin and originally meant “elegant little house”. It seems that originally there were certain villas in the countryside that were used as places of recreation for the nobility and the upper middle class. One of these diversions was gambling. When these premises were transferred to the cities or

The largest prize in history was given on March, 2003 at Excalibur Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas) with 34M $; is listed in the Guinness World Record. It happened on March 21, 2003. The winner, a computer scientist, won $39 million ('42 million) at the Excalibur Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, a prize that is now listed in the

REOPENING NEXT JUNE, 8th   2020 A month ago, we all doubted what this summer would be like and what our chances would be of returning to enjoy our favourite places of leisure. Today we can finally inform you that next June 8th 2020, Casino Marbella will open its doors again with all the security guarantees. We have made a deep evaluation

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