Up to 109 players guarantees Sportium.es league's success

Brand new PLUS with 100% using it, at this first stage of the league as well as a good structure, have determined the great success last weekend. Young player from Cádiz, Kiko, usual player at the Lucky Stack league, is proclaimed absolute winner of the first stage, winning the cup and €6,100 first prize.
Last weekend, new Sportium.es league"s first stage has brought a great result: up to 109 players and €20,925 prize pool given to sixteen qualified players. Young player from Cádiz, F. Sánchez, known as Kiko, was absolute champion at the first stage of this new league.
The prizes giving went to the following players: Kiko, first place, with €6,100; followed by Michael Greenberg, with €3,450. Montes, F.J. Bravo, Blanco and Wilkes, with €2,400; €1,700; €1,300 and €1,100. The other prized winners were Vlassenko, F.J. Sánchez, Vitanov, Paz, Amselem, J.L. Pérez, Oganesyan, Jogi, M.A. López and M. Ruiz.
Up to €1,590 have been reached due to the total amount of "PLUS" by every player, local players as well as some others from Córdoba, Sevilla and Cádiz. This new PLUS as well as the structure, promise a very intense second stage next February 21 and 22. The updated ranking after the first stage is available in the website: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/ranking-ligas.html
Big Bounty, side event held on Sunday, registered up to 37 players and a pot with €1,790. Four first qualified players were prized: AIT, Lucena, López and Álvarez. Some pictures of the side events and the leagues are published in the Photo Gallery: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/galeria-imagenes.html or visiting the Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/casinomarbella
Lucky Stack league hosted last Friday, was the perfect starter before the intense weekend of poker. Up to 44 players and €6,200 prize pool, showed there"s still a lot to be played until final three champions come out. Santi Cañizares, ex professional football player was attending last weekend at the Casino Marbella"s poker room.

Seven qualified players through the Sportium.es league's satellite

Seven qualified players who earned their seats through the unique live satellite are added to the seven online qualfied players through sportium.es. Next Saturday 17, the Sportium.es league's first stage will be held. The league will take place every month. The brand new "PLUS" offers every player on each stage the main attraction in this competition.
There were 31 players registered at the 1st Sportium.es league's satellite giving seven entries to Saturday 17th: Schillinger, Soler, Holmes, Mesa, Wilkes, Tejado and Lukacs. Some pictures of the tournament are published in the web site's Photo Gallery: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/galeria-sportiumes-league-ID74.html
Casino Marbella welcomes next Saturday, January 17 the Sportium.es league, which will be hosted the third week of every month. Two days of tournament, January 17 and 18, 30 minutes levels, 120 players cap, €200+25 buy-in and re-entry make an essential date with poker at the Costa del Sol. Besides the prize pool and the points, champions in every stage will be given a cup.  
The sportium.es league presents the "PLUS" promotion. In every stage, players will have the option to get one PLUS per player. The total amount of PLUS will take the champions directly to the Grand Finale; which will be hosted in December, with a buy-in up to €400+50 and an unbeatable structure of four days and 60 minutes levels.
Today, Lucky Stack league will start at 8.30pm where players will compete to get prizes and more points to the ranking. Information and registrations on line are available in the tournaments schedule: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/proximos-torneos.html

Casino Marbella's Sportium.es league's grand satellite

New sportium.es monthly league will start next Thursday 15th with just one satellite, giving entries to Saturday. There are already six qualified players who have already won their entries through sportium.es. Brand new "PLUS" in every stage is one this league's main ingredients.
Every player who want to get entries to Sportium.es league at a low price, will be able to do it next Thursday 15th of January, playing the unique qualifying satellite. With a buy-in up to €50+5, 6.000 starting points, 20 minutes levels and 50 players cap, it is a good choice for everyone to get a seat for Saturday. The satellite will be held at 8.30pm and registrations can be made on the Tournaments Schedule in the website: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/proximos-torneos.html 
Casino Marbella welcomes next weekend the Sportium.es league which will be held every third week of the month. Two days of tournament, January 17th and 18th, 30 minutes levels, 120 players cap, buy-in up to €200+25 and re-entry, make this league an essential date with Poker in Costa del Sol. As well as the prize pool and points, the champion will be given a cup.
Sportium.es league presents the new "PLUS". On each stage, players will have the option to buy one "PLUS" per player. The total amount of "PLUS" will take the champions to the Grand Finale which will be held in December, with a buy-in up to €400+50 and an unbeatable structure with 4 days of tournament and 60 minutes levels.
On the other hand, the Lucky Stack league's ranking in January is giving first places to F.J. Sánchez and L. Pérez, both with 44 points and Ivan Lukacs with 43 points. 31 players registered last Tuesday reached a pot with €4,505 finally given to five first qualified players: A. Salvador and Chilean Óscar Alache, Chile Poker Tour last champion, with €1,400 and €1,300 each. Nasr, Mrs Tous and Lukacs were prized players too.
The Lucky Stack league updated ranking is also available in the website: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/ranking-ligas.html

Sportium.es league starts this weekend at Casino Marbella

A Cup for the Champion, entries to the grand finale and the new PLUS in every stage. These are some of the main advantages that brand new sportium.es league offers. "PLUS" will give every player the choice to get 5.000 extra points paying only €15.
Casino Marbella opens Sportium.es league  next weekend which will be held the third week of every month. Two days of tournament, January 17th and 18th, 30 minutes levels, 120 players cap, €200+25 buy-in and re-entry make this new league a reall offer for every poker player in Costa del Sol. As well as the prize pool and points, every stage"s champion will be given his cup.
The Sportium.es league presents the new "PLUS". In every stage, players will have the option to use "PLUS". The total amount of "PLUS" will take the champions of the league directly to the grand finale which will be held in December, with a buy-in up to €400+50 and an unbeatable structure during 4 days and 60 minutes levels.
For all those who want to get entries at a low price, next Thursday 15th the unique qualifying satellite will be held. With a buy-in up to €50+5, 6.000 starting points, 20 minutes levels and 50 players cap, it is a great opportunity to get entry to Friday. Satellite will start at 8.30pm and registrations on line can be done through the website: 
On the other hand, weekly tournaments have given up to €6,000 prize pool, given to ten winners. Lucky Stack league champions on Friday and Big Bounty held last Sunday were González, Krivosheyev, Ulrich, Martínez, Minasov and Drovalev at the league. McDonald, Sánchez and Ismagilov, were champions at Big Bounty.
The updated ranking at the Lucky Stack league is available in the website: http://www.casinomarbella.com/en/proximos-torneos.html 

Assured Gifts for everybody at the Poker Gift tournament

Casino Marbella is hosting next December 27th and 28th the Poker Gift tournament with a buy-in up to €225. Every player will raise a toast with a glass of cava and will be given their gifts before the tournament starts. Also, there will be a slot machines tournament next Monday, January 22nd giving more prizes and fun to everybody.
Next Saturday, December"s last weekend will take place with a poker room giving lots of prizes. The Poker Gift tournament is part of the Christmas events planned at Casino Marbella and will start next Saturday 27th at 8pm. Entry costs up to 225€ and offers 80 players cap. The tournament guarantees gifts for every player and a good structure.
Final day will be hosted next Sunday 28th. All the information and registrations on line are available in the Tournaments Schedule:  

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