Responsible Gaming


Playing is a recreational activity, subjected to certain rules that comes naturaly with the vital impulse of a living being. Man, and almost all animals play just for fun.

When playing involves money, and you have the same chances to win or loose, we are talking about games of chance. Most people find in this kind of games, fun and amusement. Nevertheless, some people turns this pleasent activity into anguish, anxiety, depression and isolation. This people can end with gambling problems.

The great majority of players do not cross the borders of  playing for fun; and for them, playing is just another way, among all, to fill the blancks on their agenda with spare time and social relationships.

Compulsing gambling

Experts define compulsing gambling as a disturb that consists of the imperious necesity of playing, even over the own will of not to do it. Gambling becomes the focal point in their lifes.

There is not a unique cause for this behavior, it is more that multiple causes are combined with a complex net of predisposed factors that constitutes the essential nucleus of this patology. Generally, the compulsive gambler use the game as a free way from their problems, getting to it as the best way to face them up.


Feels a constant consern about gambling or getting money to do it, replays old experiences or draws plans for the next one.

Frecuently plays more money or more time than the expected.

Needs to increase the frecuency or cuantity of the bets to get the excitement desired.

Feels distress when he or she can´t play, or tries to stop the game.

Keeps playing even if he or she knows that can´t pay off the debts, and that gambling makes them grow.

Makes multiple efforts to reduce or stop gambling without getting to it.

Cheated on relatives, therapists or other people to deny the degree of  involvement on the game.
Commited illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, robbery or abuse to finance the game.

Gambles in the time that is supossed to be working or performing social compromises.

Lost or risked significant and personal relationships, works and-or educational and work oportunities because of gambling.

Uses gambling as a way to avoid problems, or relieve hopeless, guilty or anxious feelings.

In short, if you can´t have fun playing, maybe your anxiety cames before, during or after playing. If you go to play convinced that you ain´t going to spend too much money, but afterwards, when you start loosing, you can not stop and wastes even the last coin you have. You live in another world, forgets  yourself and the others, you can be having a gambling problem.